The NICD views itself as a recognised academic/ tertiary institute providing valuable training in the field of communicable diseases.  While capacity building at various levels is a critical component of the NICD’s responsibilities, this function is carried out in association with existing universities and technikons.  Bench training for pupil technologists and medical registrars is provided on a rotational basis at NICD.  The NICD is a resource available to all universities and technikons and provides training for medical registrars from all universities, as well as pupil technologists, in public health oriented communicable diseases.  It also offers opportunities for training in unique laboratories such as the BSL-4.

South African Field and Epidemiology Training Programme

The South African Field and Laboratory Training Program (SAFELTP) is designed to train field epidemiology fellows and public health laboratory fellows for leadership positions in the South African national and provincial health services and the National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS).  These fellows receive instruction and mentoring in their respective areas while at the same time providing service to the National and Provincial Departments of Health and the NHLS.  Read more...