Use the paper based or the electronic notification system as detailed below: Category 1 NMC must be reported to the local health authority immediately using the most rapid means

 Paper based notification (also refer to SOP for paper based NMC reporting)

  1. Complete the NMC Case Notification Form.
  2. Send the NMC Case Notification Form to or fax to 086 639 1638 or NMC hotline 072 621 3805. Form(s) can be sent via sms, whatsapp, email, fax.
  3. Send a copy to the NMC focal person at Sub-District/District (details given on the cover page of the NMC booklet).


Electronic notification via the NMC APP (Also refer to the NMC APP user manuals)

  1. Capture the NMC case details onto the NMC mobile or web APP.
  2. Upon completion of data capture, the notification will automatically be sent to all relevant focal people at Health Establishment, Sub-District, District, Province & National levels

For Any NMC Related Questions/Queries/Concerns?

NMC helpline: 072 621 3805
Fax: 086 639 1638