This report summarises data from COVID-19 cases admitted to sentinel hospital surveillance sites in all provinces. The report is based on data collected from 5 March to 21 November 2020 (week 47 of 2020).   

Key highlights:

  • As of 21 November, 102,980 COVID-19 admissions were reported from 608 facilities (360 public-sector and 248 private-sector) in all nine provinces of South Africa. DATCOV coverage is now 99% of public and 100% of private hospitals that have had COVID-19 admissions. New hospitals that have enrolled need to capture historical admissions.
  • There has been a resurgence in admissions in Eastern Cape for six weeks. The resurgence is located mainly in Nelson Mandela Metro district, in public and private hospitals. There has also been a corresponding increase in in-hospital deaths in Nelson Mandela Metro district during this time. There are increased admissions in other Eastern Cape districts also, including Sarah Baartman and Buffalo City districts.
  • There is a resurgence in admissions in Western Cape for three weeks, located mainly in Garden Route and City of Cape Town Metro.


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