The systematic collection, storage, analysis, interpretation and reporting of cancer cases known as cancer surveillance, is the responsibility of the National Cancer Registry (NCR) in South Africa.

The NCR is mandated to establish Population-Based Cancer Registries for South Africa. The findings are published annually, after undergoing stringent vetting processes. We at the NICD support the work of the NCR and host each year’s findings on our site.

Data sources that are included in the NCR’s research are among the likes of public hospitals, private health facilities, the South African Oncology Consortium, Hospice, paediatric oncology, CHOC, and the NHLS. A list of support contacts is provided below, and the NICD encourages you to contact the service providers if you are in need of oncology-related support.



For permission to use NCR data, contact Dr Mazvita Muchengeti @