The NICD functions as a national resource for providing information and specialist consultancy services in the area of communicable diseases to public health authorities, including the National, Provincial and Local Departments of Health, healthcare professionals, the public and international health bodies. In addition to direct communication, the NICD issues publications via the internet, as well as in-house publications on a regular basis to communicate issues related to communicable diseases such as outbreak news (locally and internationally), immunisation, travel advisories and reviews.


The NICD releases a number of publications on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis that cover a range of topical themes on communicable diseases and comprise of the following; Communicable diseases communiqué, Science Focus, the Public Health Surveillance Bulletin, Invasive Pneumococcal Disease Report, Weekly and Monthly Respiratory Pathogens Surveillance Report and the Annual Review.


Scientific publications are publications consisting of research results and knowledge derived by scientists, shared and referenced by others across the world. They communicate research findings and data analysis and serve to generate dialogue between peers on topical scientific issues.


Special Publications are to help the public understand important information about communicable diseases. The NICD produces a number of topically themed publications on communicable diseases that are of public health importance. These special publications can be freely downloaded on the NICD website.


Historical records of scientific data, reports and publications from the NICD.