The Science Focus is a quarterly compilation of the scientific publications included in the quarterly report submitted to the National Department of Health. It includes only publications where an NICD staff member is either the first or last author.

VOLUME 26 | JUN 2023

Editors Note

Welcome to the 26th issue of Science Focus, a publication that has been dedicated to showcasing scientific research from NICD for over 6 years.

As we reach this milestone we can’t help but reflect on the scientific gains of the institute and whether this publication still serves as useful in highlighting our collective output.

As such, we are in the process of identifying criteria that extends beyond the current inclusion criteria. This approach embraces inclusivity, ensuring that significant articles are not overlooked due to the restriction of considering solely the first and/or last author. We invite you to be part of this evolution, as we usher in a new phase aimed at enhancing the publications accessibility for all by sending us your suggestions via email:

While we look forward to the new dawn of the Science Focus, in this issue, we highlight a variety of studies that are making significant contributions to our understanding of the world around us.

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