This report summarizes data on cases diagnosed and notified in April 2023 using the National Notifiable Medical Conditions Surveillance System (NMCSS).

This report also provides the distribution of case notifications by source i.e., clinical or laboratory notification, as well as merged cases and the number of reported deaths. It tracks the use of the electronic Application (App) for notification, data quality, specifically completeness and timeliness of clinical notifications over time, and back-captured cases notified in February. This report has excluded category 4 NMCs, and multi-system inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C). The Covid-19 data reported in this report represents routine surveillance notification data.

Key highlights

  • A total of 9 223 cases were reported in April 2023, with the majority of them being category 2 conditions.
  • The NMC Reporting App was used to notify at least 98.2% (n= 5 881/5 985) of clinical notifications (range: 81-100%).
  • In April 2023, the median time to report category 1 NMCs was one day (IQR: 0–2 days).
  • The hospitalisation form was completed in at least 11% (n=36/326) of cases, whether admitted, discharged, or transferred out. This is lower than the previous month.