Ebola Update: 1 August 2019

The risk for introduction of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) related to the current outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo in South Africa remains low. The latter is based on the outcome of a risk assessment conducted using a World Health Organization (WHO) risk assessment tool. Currently, no travel or trade restrictions between South Africa and the DRC are recommended. Despite the low risk, steps are being taken to improve vigilance and preparedness to respond to any possible EVD cases that may be encountered in South Africa.

Update on the DRC outbreak

A third case was identified in Goma in the DRC on 31 July 2019. This is the daughter of the second case who came from a mine some distance from Goma. Contacts are being identified and will be vaccinated.  There have been no secondary cases related to the first imported cases in Goma.  There have also been no secondary cases related to the imported cases in Uganda, and more than 21 days have passed.

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