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19 April 2021


As of today the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases for South Africa is 1 567 513.


Province Total cases for 19 April 2021 Percentage total
Eastern Cape 195862 12,5
Free State 86070 5,5
Gauteng 419823 26,8
KwaZulu-Natal 335779 21,4
Limpopo 63597 4,1
Mpumalanga 77098 4,9
North West 65918 4,2
Northern Cape 38058 2,4
Western Cape 285308 18,2
Unknown 0 0,0
Total 1567513 100,0



Testing Data:


The number of tests conducted to date is 10 355 196. Of these 18 130 tests were completed since the last report.

Sector Total tested   New tested  
PRIVATE 5 818 168 56% 9 905 55%
PUBLIC 4 537 028 44% 8 225 45%
Total 10 355 196   18 130  



Deaths and Recoveries


Today, 21 COVID-19 related deaths have been reported: Eastern Cape 10, Free State 2, Gauteng 1, Kwa-Zulu Natal 1, Limpopo 0, Mpumalanga 3, North West 0, Northern Cape 0 and Western Cape 4  which brings the total to 53 757 deaths.

We convey our condolences to the loved ones of the departed and thank the health care workers who treated the deceased.

Our cumulative recoveries today stand at 1 490 876, representing a recovery rate of 95%.


Province Total Deaths Total Recoveries Active Cases
Eastern Cape 11454 184 163 245
Free State 3785 79 993 2 292
Gauteng 10525 406 523 2 775
KwaZulu-Natal 10336 319 874 5 569
Limpopo 2251 61 086 260
Mpumalanga 1385 74 804 909
North West 1632 61 756 2 530
Northern Cape 858 33 874 3 326
Western Cape 11531 268 803 4 974
Total 53 757 1 490 876 22 880


Western Cape’s Preparedness for Phase Two Vaccination Rollout


Today, I had the pleasure of visiting the Western Cape, albeit against a backdrop of the devastating mountain fire that has caused calculable and incalculable losses. As we drove past some of the dying embers, I could not help but recall the President’s State of the Nation Ad- dress where he likened the COVID-19 pandemic to a devastating bushfire out of which we, as South Africans, must emerge as a more resilient nation.

The mass vaccination campaign, due to begin officially on 17 May 2021, is soon upon us and represents hope for our nation after the social, economic and psychological carnage left by COVID-19. It is for this reason that I have embarked on a nationwide tour to assess the readiness of provinces to rollout the vaccines at the anticipated rate that will be required to achieve population immunity by the first quarter in 2022. I have now completed three provincial visits and, so far, feel satisfied that Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Western Cape understand the requirements and have the inclination to rise to the occasion.

Having being presented with the mass vaccination rollout plan for the Western Cape, I was pleased to note that the Province has given full consideration to the interventions that need to be implemented such that the Province can vaccinate the nearly 5 million citizens targeted for that region.

I am also pleased that the Province’s plan aligns with the National Department of Health strategy. I reassured the Premier, Hon. Alan Winde, and the MEC Hon. Dr. Nomafrench Mbombo, that National Department has secured enough vaccines for all the provinces (both for public and private sector) and that Western Cape will get as many vaccines as they need to achieve population immunity. Therefore there is no need for any provincial government to procure its own vaccines.

The province can, therefore focus their energies on the distribution and logistics of inocula- tion. I publicly outlined the expected quarterly delivery schedule, which stands as follows:


  Q2 Q3 Q4 TOTAL
J&J 3,000,000 9,100,000 19,100,000 31,200,000
Pfizer (initial) 4,484,610 8,519,940 6,996,600 20,001,150
Pfizer (incremental) 2,000,700 8,000,460   10,001,160
Pfizer TOTAL 6,485,310 16,520,400 6,996,600 30,002,310


This schedule shows that, provided we receive the vaccines as committed to by the manufacturers, we will be able to vaccinate 46,2 million South Africans by the by the end of the fourth quarter, that is March 2022. This tally excludes the 500 000 that will be vaccinated under the Sisonke Protocol. We are also hopeful that COVAX will be able to deliver 1,2 million doses this quarter.

We send a word of appreciation to the 343 420 senior citizens who had already registered on the EVDS as at 18.00 this evening. We call on all South Africans to assist their friends, family and neighbours who are 60 years and older to register on the EVDS by accessing the portal online at

 Dr. Zwelini Mkhize

Minister of Health


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