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22 January 2021


As of today the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases identified on South Africa is 1 392 568

Province Total cases for 22 January 2021 Percentage total
Eastern Cape 189559 14,0
Free State 72711 5,3
Gauteng 375761 27,0
KwaZulu-Natal 295949 20,9
Limpopo 52847 3,5
Mpumalanga 58059 3,9
North West 53728 3,8
Northern Cape 30568 2,2
Western Cape 263386 19,3
Unknown 0 0,0
Total 1392568 100,0


The cumulative total of tests conducted to date is 7 882 846 with 62 251 new tests conducted since the last report


Sector Total tested New tested
PRIVATE 4 513 553 57% 28 082 45%
PUBLIC 3 369 311 43% 34 169 55%
Total 7 882 864 62 251



In the past week we have observed a decline in transmission as evidenced by reduced new cases daily, a steadily decreasing positivity rate (19% today from a high of 36% in this wave), and promising evidence of downward deflection of admission numbers. We are hoping that this decline in numbers is going to bring the much required reprieve to our overwhelmed health facilities, both in the public and private sector. We are closely monitoring this to inform our process of recommending the review of some of the restrictions that are currently in place.

We are very grateful to all South Africans for playing their role in mitigating the devastating effects of COVID-19.

We do, however, continue to caution that the transmission rate is still very high and we need to ensure that it is reduced to an acceptable level before we can ease restrictions. It is therefore imperative that we do not not grow fatigued and continue to focus on the things we know provide protection- strict wearing of masks, social distancing and regular sanitization of hands and surfaces.



Regrettably, we report 575 more COVID-19 related death: Eastern Cape 129, Free State 37, Gauteng 166, Kwa-Zulu Natal 133, Mpumalanga 18, Northern Cape 15 and Western Cape 77. This brings the total to 40 076 deaths

We convey our condolences to the loved ones of the departed and thank the health care workers who treated these patients

Our recoveries now stand at 1 201 284 , representing a recovery rate of 86%.


Province Total Deaths Total Recover- ies Active Cases
Eastern Cape 9984 175 708 3 867
Free State 2593 60 694 9 424
Gauteng 7396 336 054 32 311
KwaZulu-Natal 7177 242 404 46 368
Limpopo 1004 44 700 7 143
Mpumalanga 849 50 507 6 703
North West 863 40 165 12 700
Northern Cape 542 25 599 4 427
Western Cape 9668 225 453 28 265
Total 40 076 1 201 284 151 208


Update on Vaccines for SARS-COV-2

We previously advised the public that the National Department of Health had directly applied for a Section 21 Authorisation in terms of SAHPRA regulations. This is a requirement in order to recognise the NDoH as the supplier of the Serum Institute of India Vaccine.

We are pleased to confirm that SAPHRA has granted the approval. We will, in the next coming days, engage with the public in order to give an update on the progress of the first batch of the vaccines that we committed would be received in the first quarter. At this stage we would like to assure South Africans that all is on track. We are working closely with all relevant stakeholders to ensure a smooth implementation of the vaccine roll-out program.

We also want to alert the public that in the past few days we have been inundated with offers from private agents who are selling vaccines. As a department we have resolved and wish to advise the public that it is critical that any such agent and vaccine authenticity must be verified directly with manufacturers. This is the only way, in our view, to guarantee the quality of the vaccines that may be acquired through third parties.

Fortunately, as government, we have direct communication access with the manufactures. For the protection of our citizens, we have put in place a process to verify any vaccines that are offered through third parties.


Dr. Zwelini Mkhize

Minister of Health


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