The centre was created in April 2017 to serve as a national hub of expertise in the priority areas of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), AMR and mycoses. The centre incorporates two national reference laboratories for AMR and mycoses, both of which are accredited to ISO 15189: 2012 requirements, and houses the National Biological Sample Collection of Pathogenic Bacteria and Fungi.

Emergomycosis (Emergomyces africanus) in Advanced HIV Disease

Govender NP, Grayson W


In 2013, a novel thermally dimorphic fungal pathogen was described to cause disseminated disease among persons living with advanced HIV/AIDS in South Africa. Although the organism was initially described as an Emmonsia-like fungus, it is now known to belong to a new genus of thermally dimorphic fungi and was recently named Emergomyces africanus. There is considerable clinical and histopathological overlap between emergomycosis and histoplasmosis. This review addresses taxonomic, clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic aspects of Es. africanus disease, a condition which has, to date, only been reported from southern Africa. Read Publication

HIV-1 subtype C Envelope function becomes less sensitive to N-glycosylation deletion during disease progression

Lumngwena EN, Shuping L, Bernitz N, Woodman Z

As part of a larger study to understand how Envelope N-glycosylation influences HIV-1 pathogenesis, we selected a participant infected with a single Subtype C variant and determined whether deletion of specific potential N-glycan sites (PNGs) impacted Envelope function longitudinally. Read Publication