Following the 2020 Ballito Rage event, there has been a significant increase in COVID-19 cases. Based on the quarantine guidelines, it is recommended that any individual who attended this super-spreader event from 27 November 2020 to 04 December 2020 should have a mandatory 10-day quarantine period and COVID-19 testing even if asymptomatic.

Anyone who is sick and has been to an event should be taken for testing as soon as possible and, if positive, should consult their doctor and isolate.  These type of events typically see participants abandoning COVID-19 preventative measures that include wearing masks, practicing good hand hygiene and keeping a safe social distance. This negligent behaviour inadvertently puts their loved ones and other members of the community at risk. As part of the contact tracing efforts, all Rage participants are encouraged to download and interact with the COVID-Alert App.

For a reminder of preventive measures, please visit