This practical guide (Part A), manual (Part B) and appendices are offered to support all health care workers from leadership to hands-on clinicians to prevent, detect, respond to and limit the impact of COVID-19 in health care facility environments. By health facilities, the document includes hospitals, short stay facilities, community health centres, primary health care facilities, maternal obstetric units, specialised hospitals such as psychiatric and tuberculosis hospitals as well as homes for mental health care users or the aged and infirm.

Most importantly, the manual includes often overlooked, but critically important sections on leadership, communication and an extensive section on provision of psychological support for HCW during outbreaks. The manual reminds those in leadership the importance of clear, timely and transparent communication. It places emphasis on the need to involve all stakeholders in outbreak response, particularly organised labour.

*Please note*
The interim guidelines are based on what is currently known about the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The National Institute for Communicable Diseases will update these interim guidelines as needed and as additional information becomes available.