The NICD publishes a number of publications  on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis that cover a range of topical themes on communicable diseases and comprise of the below publications:

The Science Focus is a quarterly compilation of the scientific publications included in the quarterly report submitted to the National Department of Health. It includes only publications where an NICD staff member is either the first or last author.

OCT 2022

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GERMS-SA’s main objective is to provide strategic information regarding trends in the pathogens of public health importance, e.g. vaccine-preventable diseases to measure the impact of vaccines, epidemic-prone diseases to monitor and respond to outbreaks, healthcare-associated bloodstream infections with the trend of antibiotics resistance and the burden of HIV-associated opportunistic infections (OI). 

GERMS-SA Annual Report 2020

During the 2020-2021 review period, the activities of the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) were consolidated to enhance its primary objective of servicing the public health needs of South Africans.

Year 2020/2021