This report summarises data of COVID-19 cases admitted to hospital surveillance sites in all provinces. The report is based on data collected from 5 March 2020 to 17 December 2022.


  • There was a 45% decrease in the number of new admissions in week 50 2022 (147) compared to the number of admissions in week 49 2022 (269). Delays in reporting of admissions and deaths may affect the numbers reported in the most recent week.
  • KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape had the highest number of admissions in the past week (45/147, 30.61% and 39/147, 26.53%), followed by Gauteng (32/147, 21.77%). Limpopo had the lowest number of admissions (2/147, 1.36%).
  • The highest weekly incidence risk of COVID-19 admissions reported in week 50 of 2022 was in the ≥65-year age group (1.5 admissions per 100 000 persons), and the lowest weekly incidence risk was in the <20 and 20-34-year age groups (0.1 admissions per 100 000 persons). The increased incidence risk of COVID-19 admissions observed in children <5 years since week 40 seems to have peaked in week 46.


**Please note: the DATCOV system ended at the end of December 2022 and COVID-19 hospitalisation data will be collected via the Notifiable Medical Conditions surveillance system from January 2023. These weekly COVID-19 hospitalisation reports have been discontinued from 31 December 2022.